Children’s Typing Course Details and Structure

Depending on a few generic factors such as age, maturity, dexterity, practice, focus and patience your child will develop at their own pace. However I will aim to teach the home, top and bottom row keys and keystrokes within ten weeks. It is hoped that they will build their typing from individual letters to two, three and four letter words, then short phrases, next sentences and finally passages.

Here is a generic progression of skills taught. Speed and accuracy is recorded ongoing. During the course to reinforce typing skills away from the computer we play an array of fun games like Keyboard Bingo’ and Beat the metronome’. A huge variety of lively fun and stimulating software is used throughout to support this progression.

Beginners- The Home Keys Module

Get to know the home keys with key positioning and hand co-ordination exercices.
Home row word building & Phrase building with ‘A’, ‘ALL’ ‘AS’
Be competent in using upper and lower case letters with the use of the SHIFT key

Improvers- Top Row Module

Home to Top & Top to home finger positioning and exercies.
Become confident using the SHIFT key
Build accuracy,speed and rhythm using the how and top row keys
Type CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words
Develop letter strings using the vowels
Consonant blend exercies
High frequency two and three letter words

Intermediate – Bottom Row

Becoming faster and accurate
Learn the keystrokes for the bottom row
Puntuation keys practise
Become competent in typing small phrases and sentences
Develop High frequency four letter words
More consonant blends using the whole keyboard.


This course is essentially about enabling the student to achieve a match between their handwriting speed and keyboarding speed.

Speed tests
Alphabetical skill drills
Sentence extension work
Punctuation & Number keys