Typing Lessons for Children in Twickenham

Twickenham Touch Typing offer typing lessons for children aged 5 to 15yrs. We aim to ensure that your kids grow up able to communicate quickly and effectively using a keyboard. Children and young people need to be using correct typing technique to be time efficient. Hunting and pecking to produce a presentation will inevitably not be either quick or accurate.
Our approach to teaching them in a fun and non-competitive environment ensures that they learn to touch type while enjoying themselves!

Key points:

  • Tuition for children aged 5-16yrs
  • Small groups restricted to a maximum of 6 pupils
  • Classes during term time & holidays
  • Tuition of correct typing techniques
  • Strategies to improve accuracy and speed
  • Keyboard games away from the computer to enhance skills & have fun
  • 6 week course costing £84
  • Learn a life skill and type towards gaining part of the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Bronze Award

Computers and keyboards are an ever-present part of life these days, no matter what profession we choose. Expectations for our children to produce presentations, projects, coursework and assessments has also increased. It’s not just our secondary children who are expected to touch type but our primary ones too! By giving your child the essential skill of touch typing, you are effectively giving them a head start in life and extra confidence as a result. So whether they go on to become a doctor or dancer, surveyor or solicitor, they’ll be able to type quickly and accurately, without taking ages or hunting for the next letter on the keyboard!

Twickenham Touch Typing was founded by primary teacher Karen Whiddington. She is an experienced typist and has taught hundreds of children keyboard skills with her typing lessons.

Lesson Details

For ages: 5 to 16 yrs
Class size: Max 6 children

Typing ability: All abilities are welcome. Whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced typist!

Duration: Dependent on previous experience and practice generally 6-10 lessons are required to complete the course. However, every child is unique and their dexterity can vary, as does their concentration and commitment to learning. They develop at their own pace and as such there is no set finish time.

What people say about our classes:

“This is my review on the greatest touch–type class in the entire world! The course is run by a kind, encouraging woman called Karen, who is incredibly passionate about her job. She is a brilliant teacher and helps you to type at your full speed in a matter of weeks. As well as this, the lessons are taught in a warm and welcoming environment. There is so much that is good about Karen’s touch type lessons, and I recommend starting as soon as possible!”
– Sedi (pupil)

“We can’t recommend Karen highly enough. My 12 year old son is now able to touch type with accuracy and speed. He now uses touch typing for school work and tests. It’s a fantastic life skill, and huge thanks to Karen for providing such a supportive, warm and patient teaching environment.”
– Fiona John